Business Process Automation

Your day to day just got a whole lot easier

Tired of writing manual checks and endless trips to the bank? We'll help automate the financial processes that take up all of your time.


We can automate


Bill pay

Keep track of all your vendors and bills all in one place. Pay your bills from anywhere. No more manual checks or trips to the bank.


Accounts receivable

Tired of making invoices in Excel? We'll help you set up your invoicing and payments to work for you, so you can get paid faster.


Expense reports

No more manual expense reports. Track your employees spending, track expense categories by department, and make reimbursements a breeze.


Time tracking payroll

Payroll shouldn't be a recurring headache. Automated time tracking and direct deposit means that you'll spend less time chasing timesheets, and more time building your business.


We'll work directly with your bank

We use best in class accounting software that integrates directly with your bank. We'll be able to gather the information we need to reconcile your books and we can automate some of your most tedious tasks.


Let us build your App Ecosystem

Rather than locking you into a proprietary software platform, we work to implement and integrate the best fintech in the world into your financial processes. We put the pieces of the puzzle together so you don't have to.

Automation with a little help from our friends...

Have more questions?

How do you help automate my business processes?

We start with a full financial audit of all of your business processes. From quote to sale, we work to understand your business and put together a strategy utilizing the best fintech available to make your financial flow run seamlessly. Once you're a client, we'll implement your App Ecosystem.

Why shouldn't I go with a proprietary software platform?

Unlike our competitors, we are proudly not a tech company. We are an accounting company. While it may seem tempting to just have everything all in one place, it has significant downsides. Leaving a proprietary software platform is difficult. While you may be able to download reports, you won't be able to take all of your data with you. 

What is the App Ecosystem?

With our vast network of partnerships, we will streamline every part of your financial processes by building out a fintech stack that matches your business needs and processes.

Does automation come with all of your plans?

Yes! We do charge a small fee for the onboarding process but that's because we work to build a custom personalized solution built around your business processes and your business's needs.

Let's talk about making your financial processes simpler