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Ledger can help your business grow

Cleaner books means financial clarity. Our bookkeeping service will help you get organized and help you grow your business.


Bookkeepers that support your success

You deserve more than just a P&L and a balance sheet from your bookkeepers. That's why we start with an in-depth audit of all your financial processes to help you grow. From there, we identify opportunities to streamline your work and cut costs. Then we work with you to develop the right metrics for success and set up monthly reporting and counseling so that you can stay on track with growing your business.

Monthly reconciliations

A dedicated bookkeeper will work with you to ensure that all of your transactions are reconciled accurately while staying on top of any discrepancies.

Bill pay

No one likes paying bills, but Ledger makes bill pay a breeze through automation. We'll set up your monthly payments and help you track your expenses.

Cash flow tracking

It's easier than ever to keep track of your cash flow with our easy-to-use tools. Plan ahead and save enough for your monthly bills and for any new projects you want to take on.

Payroll processing

Payroll shouldn't be a headache. With direct integrations with the most innovative payroll companies in the country, we'll make your payroll process easier and more streamlined.

Profitability analysis

We use a variety of tools to analyze your business finances, so you can identify areas of potential improvement while staying focused on your most profitable products and services.

KPI tracking & reporting

You'll have unprecedented insight into your company's finances and operations. From setting up your chart of accounts to preparing accurate financial statements, we'll track the metrics that matter to you.

Irregularity monitoring

Your hardworking bookkeeper is a seasoned pro who's eyes are peeled for any irregularities. They'll point out anything that sticks out so you can address it immediately.

Tax ready financials

We will keep your records up-to-date, so when tax season rolls around, you'll have the financials you need to file your returns on time. If you're looking to raise capital or get credit, you'll be ready for that too.

We partner with the world's best


Your business finances made easy...

  • Financial clarity

  • Process automation

  • Expense management

  • Expert tax strategy

Metrics that tell a story

Financial reporting is crucial to understanding the inner workings of your company. Simply doing basic financial statements won't cut it-you need to know which products and services are making you money, where your largest expenses lie, and if you're on track with your goals.

Let us automate your most tedious tasks

Tired of writing manual checks and endlessly trekking to the bank? We work with some of the best fintech companies in the accounting world to keep you updated and automate the most tedious financial tasks in your financial process. We'll work to try to automate as much of your financial processes as possible so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

Effectively manage your budget

When it comes to your expenses, we do more than just basic categorization. Spend less time looking for receipts, and more time growing your business. We have the tools, strategies and in-depth analytics to help you get a handle on your budget so you know where all that hard-earned money is going (and where it's coming from).

Dedicated advisors focused on saving you money

We're veterans of the tax industry, so it's safe to say that we know our way around the intricacies of tax returns preparation. With an accountant who is devoted to saving you money and keeping you compliant, you'll never have to worry about paying more than what's owed when it comes time to do your taxes.


Have questions?

Why does my small business need bookkeeping?

Being financially savvy is not only good for your personal life; it's also vital for your small business. Why should you care about bookkeeping? For starters, it provides you with a crystal clear picture of where your money is coming from and how much is being spent.

Additionally, when all of your numbers are accurate, you get an accurate measure of the health of your business so that you can make smarter financial decisions. And let's not forget that having all those numbers in order means no scrambling to get caught up before the tax deadline or missing out on any deductions.

Why should I choose LedgerFi?

For starters, we are proudly not a tech company. LedgerFi is not just an accounting company either - it's an experienced team of tax industry veterans that are passionate about helping small business owners. We listen to what you want and create customized financials that tell your story and get you where you want to go

We also don't force you on to a proprietary platform. Instead, we work in the tried and true software you already use and make it work better for you. We aren't interested in stealing your data or holding it hostage. You're the Master Admin on your accounts and you can leave at any time knowing your data is always yours.

Can you help me get caught-up with my old bookkeeping?

We will gladly put together a quote to get you caught up on your old bookkeeping. Unlike other services that charge you their monthly rate for catch-up. We're able to provide a discount for catching up and getting you back on your feet.

Do I get a dedicated Bookkeeper?

Yes you do, but you also get more. You'll have a small team with a bookkeeper and a small business advisor.  You'll have their direct line so you can reach out for support whenever you need to. 

How do I get started?

Click one of the buttons below to set up a meeting with a small business pro. They'll help assess your needs and make sure we set you up with the right services. 


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