You change the world, we'll handle the books.

Bookkeeping, tax prep, and financial strategy for growing small businesses.

Real people propelling your company's success. 

We do basic bookkeeping, but we also do so much more. Let LedgerFi help you with... 

Monthly reconciliations

Expert tax strategy

Income and expense categorization

Business process automation

KPI tracking & counseling

Metric and goal review

Tax ready financials

Custom reporting

We do accounting for growth.

We don't just do your books, we help structure your financial processes so they work for you. We'll automate tedious business processes, track the metrics that are important to you, and identify challenges and opportunities in your finances.

We'll take bookkeeping off your plate.

So you can focus on what matters like growing your business, spending time with your family, or going out to dinner with your partner. Plus, you'll have real people doing your books, not artificial Intelligence. Having bookkeepers based in the US, means you'll know who you're talking to and they'll know your business in and out.


Bookkeepers that support your success.

You deserve more than just a P&L and a balance sheet from your bookkeepers. That's why we start with an in-depth analysis of all of your financial processes to help you grow. From there, we identify opportunities to streamline your work and cut costs. Then we work with you to develop the right metrics for success and set up monthly reporting and counseling so you can stay on track with growing your business.

Monthly reconciliations

A dedicated bookkeeper will work with you to ensure that all of your transactions are reconciled accurately while staying on top of any discrepancies.

Bill pay

No one likes paying bills, but Ledger makes bill pay a breeze through automation. We'll set up your monthly payments so you can set and forget those critical payments, and avoid pesky late fees.

Cash flow tracking

It's easier than ever to keep track of your cash flow with our easy-to-use tools. Plan ahead for your monthly bills – and for any new projects you want to take on.

Payroll processing

Payroll shouldn't be a headache. With direct integrations to the most innovative payroll companies in the country, we'll make your payroll process easier and more streamlined.

Profitability analysis

We use a variety of tools to analyze your business finances so you can identify areas of potential improvement while staying focused on your most profitable products and services.

KPI tracking & reporting

You'll have unprecedented insight into your company's finances and operations. From setting up your chart of accounts to finally understanding your ROI, we'll track the metrics that matter to you.

Irregularity monitoring

Your hardworking bookkeeper is a seasoned pro whose eyes are peeled for any irregularities. They'll point out anything that sticks out so you can address it immediately.

Tax ready financials

We'll keep your records up-to-date, so when tax season rolls around, you'll have the financials you need to file your returns on time. If you're looking to raise capital or get credit, you'll be ready for that too.

Small Businesses ❤️ LedgerFi

LedgerFi is always there for me when it comes to my business finances. Whether it's advice on how to save on my taxes, or assist with how to do the books. Getting information to and from them is easy and convenient, and they are incredibly responsive and speak in plain English. Can't recommend them enough!

Loved working with LedgerFi this past year to file my taxes. This was my first year filing as a business and they made the process so simple and even a bit of a joy! I don't think I have ever been that calm around tax season. I highly recommend their services!

You might imagine a first year in business is pretty difficult when you have to learn all the basic accounting principles by yourself, but after they looked at the mess I've made over the last year, LedgerFi was able to help me get more than 2X returns from what I expected!

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